•   Aluminum Oxide

    Alumina is the most mature of the engineering ceramics, offering excellent electrical insulation properties together with high hardness and good wear resistance but relatively low strength and fractu..

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  •   Zirconium Oxide

    Zirconia is excellent engineering ceramic by its desirable physical properties such as extremely high melting temperature, high strength and fracture toughness. Zirconia is applied where mechanical s..

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  •   Zirconia toughed Alumina

    ZTA is a composite ceramic material, which combines the advantages of Alumina and Zirconia. The Alumina guarantees the low price, good electrical and chemical properties as well as its hardness and w..

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  •   Silicon Carbide

    Silicon carbide has the highest corrosion resistance of all the advanced ceramic materials. It also retains its strength at temperatures as high as 1400°C and offers excellent wear resistance and th..

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  •   Silicon Nitride

    Silicon nitride has better high temperature capabilities than most metals combining retention of high strength and creep resistance with oxidation resistance. In addition, Silicon Nitride has an exce..

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  •   Steatite

    Company TypeS-220MaterialEinheitSteatiteColourDensityg/cm³2.60Flexural StrengthMpa140Compressive StrengthMpa900Modules of ElasticityGpa110Impact ResistanceMpam½/Weibull Modulusm/Vickers Ha..

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  •   Cordierite

    Company TypeC-520MaterialEinheitCordieriteColourDensityg/cm32.00Flexural StrengthMpa65Compressive StrengthMpa350Modules of ElasticityGpa40Impact ResistanceMpam½/Weibull Modulusm/Vickers Hardnes..

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  •   Ruby and Sapphire

    Company TypeR-2000S-3000MaterialEinheitRubySapphireColourDensityg/cm³3.98 3.98 Flexural StrengthMpa690690Compressive StrengthMpa29002900Modules of ElasticityGpa470470Impact ResistanceMpam½..

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