Yixing Success Technical Ceramic company is a company very focusing on the high-tech ceramic manufacturing and developing. Depending on our professional design ability, and by using the high-purity raw material, stable sintering process and precision grinding technology, we offer the high quality products and service to customer.
It is well-know that ceramic has some kind of high performance characteristics, such as: high temperature resistant, electrical resistant, excellent hardness and strength, even it has quite good tension ability. Because of that, ceramics can help you out of the problem when the metal, plastic or the glass cant do.
Our company can supplier high quality advanced ceramics, which have comprehensive application in todays industrial. Such as: ceramic thread guides for textile industrial which made by Alumina or Titania; high precision pistons and cylinders for high pressure fluid industrial which made by Alumina or Zirconia; Nozzles for high pressure spray industrial which made by Ruby, Sapphire or Zirconia; precision balls for valve and bearing application which made by Zirconia or Silicon nitride; cutting blades for plastic and glass fiber industrial which made by Zirconia , etc.

Our key principles:
1. We respect to your inquiry.
2. We offer the high quality product.
3. We care about the aftersales service.
4. We aspire to be your long-time business partner.

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